Our Food

Our Food

FLAVORS approach to catering consists of careful sourcing of ingredients, cost-efficient operations and seasonal selections from FLAVORS rich palette of planetary cuisines, celebrating the diversity of the earth’s many cultures.

The additional expense of utilizing sustainably sourced foods compared to conventional sourcing is actually minimal within the framework of all the costs of catering an event. It’s a small price to pay to ensure you’re nourishing as well as treating your guests. These days conventional all too frequently means genetically modified food (GMO’s) and the associated questionable chemical fertilizers and pesticides associated with them.


Ingredient quality absolutely defines the ultimate taste of dishes, their healthfulness, and their impact on the earth. Our standards for sourcing are:

  • Use predominantly organic ingredients and 100% avoid GMO foods.
  • Shop locally and seasonally and know our providers to the greatest extent possible.
  • Ensure that meats and poultry are organically raised, grass-fed and/or fed a verified non-GMO diet.
  • Use seafood that is on the Monterey Aquarium’s “Safe” list.
  • Purchase only  milk, cream,  and yogurt and cheeses that are organic or, at a minimum, certified free of bovine growth hormones (rSBT and rBGH).
  • Use only organic and cage-free or pastured eggs in all dishes.


Most dietary orientations and sensitivities  are easily accommodated by the abundant diversity of FLAVORS world cuisine menus (see blogpost Catering for the New Era of Dietary Diversity).  Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free diners can all be served equivalent menu options. We frequently cook customized plates (or subcontract out for other  or extreme food sensitivies.