“Location, Location, Location…and Catering!”

Build a Catering Program for Your Food Business

These days, for many kinds of food businesses, the proverbial retail business mantra of “Location, location and location” has morphed to “location, location, location and catering!” Catering can provide a meaningful added revenue stream for a good location and can become a literal revenue lifesaver for a less than optimal location.  Continue reading ““Location, Location, Location…and Catering!””

Stevia, Wonder Sweetener?

SteviaImagine a plant leaf that’s many times sweeter than sugar, which has no carbohydrates, no calories and a zero rating on the glycemic index. In fact there are strong indications that it actively supports metabolic health. What’s more, it has a history of indigenous usage as a sweetener, stimulating tea beverage and folk medicine going back at least 1500 years.

If you can imagine that, then you probably won’t have any trouble imagining that its introduction into the United States has proceeded under a cloud cover of bad science, bureaucratic dysfunction and corporate manipulation, to wit, U.S. food politics as usual.  Continue reading “Stevia, Wonder Sweetener?”

Catering in the New Era of Dietary Diversity

A couple of months ago, I discovered a major collateral benefit of the FLAVORS culinary orientation. When we initially launched FLAVORS on its trajectory of world cuisine, we adopted three main guidelines:

  • Seek out cuisines that are spice and flavor intensive.
  • Offer menus that are lighter, less meat, butter and cream intensive and generally healthier.
  • Offer Catering that can be more financially accessible with menu choices featuring less costly ingredients, where the keys to great flavor are in the green sourcing, regional spicing and sauces.

Continue reading “Catering in the New Era of Dietary Diversity”