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Restaurant, Food Service and Food Business Consulting

The business craft of an experienced consulting professional can highly benefit a company’s pace of growth, operating effectiveness and financial success.

One timely idea,  fresh eyes on a challenging situation or a creative marketing or operational suggestion can make the difference of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of net earnings or cost savings over the course of a year or a few years.

Flavors Consults in each of these business situations:

  • Launching a new business beginning with writing a client driven Business Plan lucidly defining the business’s mission, business proposition and development strategy including realistic and attainable financial projections.
  • Designing a Marketing strategy to produce accelerated and sustained growth.
  • Targeting a focused solution to a resistant, specific business problem.
  • Recovering successfully from a turnaround situation.

Complimentary Business Assessment

Flavors offers an initial, business assessment consultation free of charge for businesses considering consulting support. We meet with the company’s principals for an hour or two and follow up with a written report of findings and suggestions, generally presented at a second meeting.

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Flavors’ Comprehensive Consulting Services

Food businesses have all the operating challenges common to any business.  What’s more, they carry the special responsibility that goes with serving food to the public.

We believe the trust of feeding people requires commitment to these key values:

  •  Healthful sourcing of ingredients.
  • Conscientious standards of production and food handling, also of signage & labeling.
  • Diligent health code compliance.

We invite businesses which embrace these values to put FLAVORS broad range of consulting services to work for their business.


  • Business Plan creation.
  • Restaurant operations, risk assessment.
  • Financial management
  • Human resources


  • Culinary branding and evaluation
  • Sustainable sourcing and kitchen operations practices
  • Menu creation
  • Sanitation and health code education and compliance


  • Brand identity and articulation
  • Marketing strategy and campaigns.
  • Website development, content and blog writing.
  • Digital advertising, social networking and PR


  • Starting up a new catering business.
  • Adding synergy of a catering program to an existing establishment.
  • Menu, marketing & operations development for full service and drop off catering programs.


Flavors collaborates with a network of independent culinary, design, IT and digital marketing professionals that it calls on as needed to associate on projects.

Comprehensive or Targeted Engagement?

Flavors welcomes the creative challenge of an entire business startup, comprehensive makeover or complete turnaround.  Equally, we will take on a request for a targeted ‘fix’ such as a new business plan, a culinary upgrade or an enhanced online marketing presence. FLAVORS Consulting embraces every project it takes on with expertise, creativity and energy.

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About Flavors Catering & Consulting

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Flavors Caters at the intersection of delicious world flavors sustainable sourcing, artful presentation and affordable value.  Flavors Catering serves all sizes and kinds of events from large weddings and conferences to drop-off luncheons and casual receptions.

Flavors Consulting serves sustainably committed restaurants and food businesses and programs. Flavors brings perspective, experience and skilled knowledge in order to advance our clients’ mission driven goals and financial objectives. Flavors provides a strong mix of services to entrepreneurs and managers working to startup, grow, transform or restore their operations.

Flavors Blog reports on best (and worst) business, sustainability, culinary and management practices and trends. We are also committed to seeking out and sharing top under-reported food sources, topics, resources and recipes as we discover them.


Flavors in the Big Picture identifies itself as a part of the rapidly growing movement committed to a healthy planet and to transforming the way food is produced and delivered from our farms, gardens, and oceans to our markets, restaurants and homes.  Moreover, we view the sustainability movement as a part of the larger global movement for peace, justice and restoration.  Flavors supports these movements in its policies and practices, advocacy and actions.

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Flavors Catering


FLAVORS provides CATERING for every occasion with taste-tempting world flavors utilizing carefully sourced organic, local, seasonal and GMO free ingredients. FLAVORS creatively accommodates almost every budget and dietary preference with our globally inspired menus composed of both familiar favorites and delightfully exotic selections.


We tailor our delectable dishes, artful design and thoughtful service to the overall experience and ambiance you seek, so that your vision for your occasion is seamlessly fulfilled. We believe superb catering is meant to be a celebration of the senses that can be tasted, seen, and felt.

At FLAVORS, full service means managing your timetable and event details including from day one for an entirely enjoyable, stress-free client experience.


From conferences and working meetings to holiday parties, FLAVORS  offers distinctive hot and cold menus for full-service dinners and finger-food receptions, drop-off sandwich platters, and box lunches, all easily tailored to a spectrum of dietary preferences.


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FLAVORS has had great success providing delicious meals tailored to limited budgets for meetings, workshops and celebrations of up to 400 guests.  Our  menu of diverse world flavors creates the capability of delivering flavorful, hearty, and sustainably sourced budget-conscious meals.

FLAVORS also successfully works with non-profits to provide volunteers for to help with service in exchange for considerable additional savings.


FLAVORS distinctive cuisine can also be provided for drop-off only. We deliver ready-to-eat finger food and sandwich platters and even hot meals.  We always offer setup assistance with delivered orders in order to ensure your event gets off to a good start and we’ll come pick up any non-disposable wares later, at your convenience.


Contact us and we will work with you to design and deliver exactly the event you want.

Our Food

Our Food

FLAVORS approach to catering consists of careful sourcing of ingredients, cost-efficient operations and seasonal selections from FLAVORS rich palette of planetary cuisines, celebrating the diversity of the earth’s many cultures.

The additional expense of utilizing sustainably sourced foods compared to conventional sourcing is actually minimal within the framework of all the costs of catering an event. It’s a small price to pay to ensure you’re nourishing as well as treating your guests. These days conventional all too frequently means genetically modified food (GMO’s) and the associated questionable chemical fertilizers and pesticides associated with them.


Ingredient quality absolutely defines the ultimate taste of dishes, their healthfulness, and their impact on the earth. Our standards for sourcing are:

  • Use predominantly organic ingredients and 100% avoid GMO foods.
  • Shop locally and seasonally and know our providers to the greatest extent possible.
  • Ensure that meats and poultry are organically raised, grass-fed and/or fed a verified non-GMO diet.
  • Use seafood that is on the Monterey Aquarium’s “Safe” list.
  • Purchase only  milk, cream,  and yogurt and cheeses that are organic or, at a minimum, certified free of bovine growth hormones (rSBT and rBGH).
  • Use only organic and cage-free or pastured eggs in all dishes.


Most dietary orientations and sensitivities  are easily accommodated by the abundant diversity of FLAVORS world cuisine menus (see blogpost Catering for the New Era of Dietary Diversity).  Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free diners can all be served equivalent menu options. We frequently cook customized plates (or subcontract out for other  or extreme food sensitivies.

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Please contact us at

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We will respond promptly to answer any questions you may have, submit a preliminary proposal, or to setup an appointment to meet and discuss your project at your earliest convenience.

Flavors Founder & Director Russell Bass
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